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General Lending Criteria:

  • Focus on residential new build and conversion/ refurbishment projects. 

  • For onward sale or refinance by 3rd party if to be let.

  • Corporate borrowers, ie SME developers / contractors.

  • No adverse credit history. 

  • Track record of 2 completed and sold schemes as a minimum.

  • All parts of Southern England and London suburbs. 

  • Subject to satisfactory due diligence.

  • Planning gain recognised to reduce Borrower cash equity injection day 1.

  • Loan funded on a cost to complete basis.

  • Build costs drawn on monthly basis in arrears against Project Monitor sign off.

  • Security via 1st legal charges only, with step in rights over professional warranties and build contract.

  • Limited PG’s (normally capped at 10% of Loan), debenture over borrower SPV (as appropriate).

  • Key features of both development and bridging loans provided below. Note that these are for guidance only. 

  • WDC may consider other lending scenarios that fall outside these criteria on an exceptional basis.

Key Features of Development & Refurbishment Loans:

(Only on sites or houses with detailed consent in place):

Screenshot 2020-02-24 at 3.49.42 pm.png

Key Features of Bridging Loans:

  • Intended to be used to acquire existing residential housing stock, or sites with potential for residential consent day 1.


  • Existing residential properties to be sold within a matter of months, usually after implementation of active management angles (ie consent for extension to enhance value).

  • If a site has no consent day 1, then a bridging loan is only available if the subject site is situated within an area zoned for residential usage; WDC valuers to be reasonably satisfied that outline consent for a specific residential scheme will be granted.

  • Lending on existing use value only.

  • Guarantees to cover any interest shortfall.

Screenshot 2020-02-24 at 3.52.07 pm.png

Process Timeline (Indicative)

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